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Your teeth are made up of several different layers. Each one plays a role in granting you the ability to chew food as well as other oral functions. The outermost layer of your tooth enamel is made up of a biological mineral matrix that is very hard. While it’s rare, there are certain types of oral trauma that can impart enough force to severely fracture a tooth.

While some dental fractures can be modest, a severe dental fracture often requires immediate first aid while you seek professional treatment at Calavera Hills Dental.

If you have blood or other detritus in your mouth after the oral trauma, you can gently rinse them away with lukewarm saltwater. This can help clear the area to help you assess the severity of the damage and it can also help you soothe injured tissues.

If the fracture is limited to the tooth enamel, Dr. Christopher Layton might be able to repair the tooth with a standard dental crown.

Increased sensitivity or a persistent pain in the tooth likely means the pulp, root, or nerve of the tooth has also been affected. To treat a tooth in this condition, Dr. Christopher Layton might need to perform a root canal. This will replace the damaged internal structures of the tooth and form an abutment to later anchor a crown in place.

If the crack has caused severe damage to the root or if the socket has also been harmed, Dr. Christopher Layton might need to completely extract the tooth. Once your gums have healed, he can help you decide if you’d like to restore the tooth with a dental bridge or dental implant.

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