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No matter what your age, you may decide that it is time to straighten your smile. Or, your dentist has suggested that your or your child consider an orthodontic procedure. What should you do next?

First, talk to Dr. Christopher Layton at Calavera Hills Dental about what your options are in terms of treatments. There are a variety of ways to straighten your teeth, and the doctor will help you make the best decision for you based on your situation and age.

If you do decide to move ahead with braces, you will want to schedule an appointment for a professional cleaning by the dentist a few days before your orthodontic visit. It will make things go a little easier and quicker.

Once your braces have been placed, there will be some soreness. The dentist will give you some dental wax, and if the hardware irritates your mouth, apply the dental wax to your braces. Eat soft foods until you become accustomed to your braces. The soreness will disappear after a few days, and an over-the-counter pain reliever can help with any discomfort that you may feel. While you are wearing your braces, avoid hard or sticky foods that can damage them, or food that can become lodged in your dental work.

If you are considering improving your smile and you live in the Oceanside, California area, you can make an appointment at Calavera Hills Dental by calling 760-842-5876. We look forward to seeing you soon!