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If you have a tooth knocked out, it is fairly obvious that you have a dental emergency. This also applies to a broken tooth. There may be blood, pieces of your tooth and certainly pain. Pain may also accompany cavities; and pain and swelling may be present if you have an infection in your tooth.

A cracked tooth however, may be more difficult to identify. A crack in your tooth may not show up during your normal dental exam, and it may be so small that it doesn’t appear on an x-ray. One way you may know that you have a crack in one of your teeth is by the pain. This will not be a constant pain. It may be a sharp pain, or it may be dull, but it will not last for very long. You should make a note of where in your mouth the pain occurred, and what you were doing at the time, such as biting or chewing. Your tooth may also be sensitive to hot or cold foods. Taking time to localize the source of your discomfort will help your dentist track down the crack in your tooth.

When your dentist locates the crack in your tooth, he may be able to repair it with a crown or a filling. If the tooth has been severely damaged or the pulp has been infected, you may need an extraction or a root canal.

Anytime you feel pain or sensitivity in your teeth, or the color, texture, or sensitivity in your teeth, gums or tongue changes, you should see your dentist. If you are experiencing a problem in your mouth, our dentist, Dr. Christopher Layton will be happy to meet with you. To make an appointment at Calavera Hills Dental in Oceanside, California, call 760-842-5876 today. We look forward to seeing you soon.