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A cavity is the result of a breakdown of your tooth enamel until a clean hole exists to the root of a tooth. This can be accomplished as the result of dental erosion or even a traumatic injury, such as a blunt trauma to your mouth. In both cases, if a cavity develops it must be filled before it has a chance to infect the tooth and destroy the pulp.

Keep your teeth free and clear of cavities. Listed below are a few helpful tips that can help aid you in the quest for a cavity-free smile:

– Always brush your teeth at least twice every day.

– Always floss between your teeth to remove any plaque buildup or food residue that brushing alone cannot reach.

– Always schedule at least 2 professional cleanings with your dentist every year.

– Avoid sugary food and drinks that can be converted into harmful acids that cause dental erosion.

– Use cleaning tools that have been recommended or approved by your dentist, or those that feature the ADA Seal of Acceptance.

– Avoid products that can crack your teeth, such as hard candies, or products that stick around your mouth for too long, such as sticky and gummy sweets.

If you suffer from a cavity, contact Calavera Hills Dental at 760-842-5876 for a dental filling. To schedule an oral examination with Dr. Christopher Layton and our team at our dental office in Oceanside, California, please contact us at your earliest convenience. It’s never too late to start taking steps to a healthier you!