Your Oral Health Should Include Annual Oral Cancer Screenings

Your oral health should include annual oral cancer screenings. Every year in America, over 40,000 people are diagnosed with the deadly disease. Early detection is key to ensure the highest chances of success when battling the disease. Listed below are some of the most commonly found indications of oral cancer: – Look for evidence of… Read more »

Cross the Road of Tooth Loss with Dental Bridge Therapy

If you have suffered an oral accident that has left you with a void in your smile that sucks the life out of your cheery disposition, there is hope. What has been taken once can return again, along with all the joys and wonders of a sensational smile. Don’t let a missing tooth lead you… Read more »

What is the Best Way to Operate a Water Flosser?

Water flossers can be extremely handy, but they can also be extremely tricky. This is because it has many high-tech qualities that some don’t quite know how to use. So, if you struggle using a water flosser, then Dr. Christopher Layton and our dental team are happy to help you! We have the instructions you… Read more »

Keep Your Teeth Free and Clear of Cavities

A cavity is the result of a breakdown of your tooth enamel until a clean hole exists to the root of a tooth. This can be accomplished as the result of dental erosion or even a traumatic injury, such as a blunt trauma to your mouth. In both cases, if a cavity develops it must… Read more »

A Severe Dental Fracture Often Requires First Aid While You Seek Professional Care

Your teeth are made up of several different layers. Each one plays a role in granting you the ability to chew food as well as other oral functions. The outermost layer of your tooth enamel is made up of a biological mineral matrix that is very hard. While it’s rare, there are certain types of… Read more »

The Advantages of a Dental Cleaning

If you want a top-notch oral health and smile, then it’s important to visit Dr. Christopher Layton every six months for a routine cleaning and exam. As you may already know, your six-month checkups are extremely beneficial for your teeth and gums. So beneficial, in fact, that they can: –Deeply clean your teeth: The treatment… Read more »

Watch Out for These Medical Conditions if You Want a Top-Notch Oral Health

Achieving top-notch oral health is a great smile goal. Unfortunately, there are things that can cause bumps in the road to success. Some of those things are medical conditions. This is why it’s important to keep your teeth and gums in mind and take great care of them on a regular basis. The most common… Read more »

Poor Smile Habits

Habits can be tough to break, especially if they’re addicting. However, they can be extremely harmful. There are many habits that can harm your smile and your oral health, which is why our Calavera Hills Dental dental team encourages you to break those habits as soon as possible. If you don’t, you could suffer severe… Read more »

The Steps of Recovering After Root Canal Therapy

If you want a top-notch oral health after root canal therapy, then it’s extremely important to properly recover. To help you heal following the treatment, our Calavera Hills Dental dental team has some tips for you! Those tips are: Take prescribed medications Medications are known to help with the pain, discomfort, and soreness you might… Read more »

Teeth Whitening for a Brighter 2017

A healthy, bright smile involves building excellent oral hygiene habits along with routine professional dental cleanings to maintain healthy tooth enamel. Your diligent daily brushing and flossing keep your teeth (and gums) looking their best. At the dental office of Dr. Christopher Layton located in Oceanside, California, one of our most popular requests for treatment… Read more »