Do You Have a Dental Emergency?

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Our dentist, Dr. Christopher Layton and his team will get you out of pain, treat any dental infection or fix any broken teeth. If you are calling after hours leave a message and follow the directions on the voicemail to reach Dr. Layton.

Although dental services can be postponed and often put on the back burner, problems should be dealt with as early as possible for several reasons. First of all, the earlier a dental problem is treated, the less invasive and less expensive it is to correct. Another thing to consider is that the mouth is part of the body and problems in your mouth can and do affect your overall health. We have found that the mouth can be a way for bacteria to reach the blood stream and cause inflammation of the arteries, and the formation of the cholesterol plaque that can cause heart disease. The bacteria can damage heart valves and other organs of the body. The worst case scenario is that a dental infection can be a drain on your immune system, damage other parts of your body (like your heart) and possibly kill you.

So do yourself a favor. If you have a dental emergency such as tooth pain or infection give us a call at Calavera Hills Dental today. We can help you.