Dental implant placement is the first step in the journey towards restoring your smile and dental functionality. This advanced procedure involves the precise surgical insertion of an implant post directly into the jawbone, helping you take your first step towards replacing missing teeth. The post, typically crafted from titanium or another biocompatible material, is designed to replicate the function of a natural tooth root. By doing so, it not only offers unparalleled stability for future restorative work but also promotes healthy bone stimulation, an essential factor in maintaining the stability and health of your bone, teeth and smile.

Following the placement of the dental implant there is a healing phase. Throughout this period, the implant undergoes a process known as osseointegration, where it fuses with the surrounding bone to create a solid foundation. This integration is key to the implant’s success, providing the strength and stability needed for the placement of the final restoration, such as crowns, bridges or dentures.

However, not everyone is immediately ready for implant surgery. In cases where significant bone loss has occurred, a preliminary bone graft may be necessary. This procedure aims to augment the jawbone to ensure it can support an implant effectively. Additionally, any existing dental issues, like tooth decay or periodontal disease, must be addressed beforehand to optimize outcomes. Our dentist will evaluate your teeth and oral health as part of your initial consultation to determine if any additional treatments are needed before you receive an implant.

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