Bone grafting is a vital surgical procedure often required in dental practices to enhance the density and thickness of the jawbone. This process is particularly crucial for patients whose jawbone is not sufficiently robust to support dental implants or other forms of dental treatments. By transplanting a piece of bone to the jawbone from another area of your jaw or body, bone grafting offers a solution to this challenge. Although the optimal results are usually achieved using bone from your own body, there are alternatives, such as bone materials sources from a tissue bank. Our dentist will examine your oral health and discuss your options with you to determine of bone grafting is the right solution for your needs.

The primary goal of bone grafting is to foster the integration of the grafted bone tissue with your jawbone. This integration process results in a jawbone that is stronger and more stable, providing a solid foundation for your teeth, implants and smile. Bone grafting typically is needed following tooth loss or extraction, as the jawbone at the extraction site will start to resorb or deteriorate. Our dentist may also recommend this procedure if periodontal disease has caused bone loss.

Bone grafting offers hope and solutions for patients looking to restore the integrity of their smile. We invite you to reach out to Calavera Hills Dental at 760-842-5876 today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Christopher Layton and learn more about bone grafting in Carlsbad, California. We are committed to helping you regain a healthy, confident smile.

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