When examining your mouth and planning your treatments, Dr. Christopher Layton may use CBCT imaging. This advanced 3D imaging technology, also known as cone beam imaging, provides highly detailed images of the teeth, mouth, jaw and adjacent structures, giving our dentist and team a comprehensive view of your oral structures and greater insights into your oral health.

CBCT technology is highly versatile, making it possible for our dentist to approach your treatment with greater precision and foresight. Several key areas where CBCT imaging may be used include:

  • Planning for Dental Implants: CBCT scans are critical for the planning phase of dental implant placement, allowing for precise alignment and optimal outcomes.
  • Evaluating Jaw and Facial Structures: The detailed 3D images assist in assessing the jaws and face, ensuring comprehensive evaluation beyond the capabilities of traditional 2D imaging.
  • Comprehensive Head and Neck Examination: A holistic view of the head and neck can be achieved, aiding in a more integrated approach to dental and health issues.
  • Diagnosing Tooth Decay and Other Conditions: CBCT technology enhances our ability to detect cavities, dental anomalies and other conditions with higher accuracy.
  • Guiding Endodontic Therapy: The detailed visualization of root canals and surrounding structures significantly aids in planning and executing root canal treatments.
  • Analyzing Dental and Facial Trauma: In cases of trauma, CBCT imaging provides crucial information for effective treatment planning.
  • Orthodontic Treatment Planning: The technology offers a clear picture of teeth alignment and jaw relations, guiding orthodontic interventions.
  • Visualizing Abnormal Teeth: It helps in identifying and assessing impacted, supernumerary or abnormally shaped teeth.
  • Assessing TMJ Disorders: TMJ diagnostics are enhanced with detailed views of the joint and surrounding structures.

With CBCT imaging, our dentist and team can make faster and earlier diagnoses, provide more effective treatment planning and produce better patient outcomes. It also offers a more comprehensive view than traditional digital X-rays, it does not come with any increase in radiation exposure, ensuring a safe and comfortable imaging process as well as a higher quality of care.

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