Here at Calavera Hills Dental, we are proud to incorporate iTero ®digital imaging technology into the care we provide. This groundbreaking imaging technology offers three-dimensional, high-resolution views of your teeth and mouth, enabling our dentist and team to capture detailed images of your teeth and their supporting structures quickly and comfortably.

The iTero scanner operates at remarkable efficiency, capturing up to 20 full-color images per second. This rapid acquisition allows us to distinguish between healthy and affected tissues with unprecedented clarity, facilitating early detection and accurate diagnosis of dental issues. Furthermore, iTero technology is instrumental in constructing precise digital models of your mouth. These models are essential for designing custom-fitted appliances and restorations, such as Invisalign® aligners, crowns and bridges, ensuring they provide the perfect fit and function optimally within your unique oral landscape.

The iTero scanning process is also designed with patient comfort in mind. Utilizing a small, handheld wand, our dentist and team can complete a comprehensive scan of your mouth quickly and without discomfort. The images captured are processed in real time, producing an immediate and highly accurate representation of your oral health status. Moreover, the system automatically saves images every few seconds, eliminating the need for repeated scans and reducing appointment times.

Another great advantage of the iTero digital scanning system is its ability to simulate potential outcomes of specific dental treatments. This innovative feature allows you to visualize the expected results of your treatment plans, enhancing your understanding and confidence in the procedures recommended by our dentist.

To experience the benefits of iTero digital scanning in Carlsbad, California, firsthand and learn how it can contribute to your oral health journey, we invite you to call us at 760-842-5876 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Christopher Layton. Discover how our dedication to innovation and patient care can help you maintain a healthy, beautiful smile.

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