If you are missing most or all of your permanent teeth, Dr. Christopher Layton may recommend complete dentures in Carlsbad, California. Complete dentures can replace all of your teeth, thus restoring the beauty and function of your smile. Please contact Calavera Hills Dental today at 760-842-5876 for more information and to schedule a visit with our dentist.

During your denture consultation, our dentist will examine your mouth and begin the process of designing and creating your custom denture.

Denture creation can be a somewhat lengthy process, though most dentures can be completed and fitted in about five appoimtments.

What to Expect When Getting Dentures in Carlsbad, CA

When you come in for your first dentures visit, preliminary impressions will be taken so that a casting can be created. This casting is used to create impression trays for your final impression. This detailed impression is used to form the base of your final denture. We will also examine your bite to help us place the teeth on your denture efficiently. At this point, your denture can be created.

After the denture is complete, you will have an appointment to try out the dentures. This will allow you to see how they look and feel. At this stage, your dentures can be altered if needed or desired. If any changes are made, another appointment will be needed so you can try out the new version of your dentures. After the denture meets your needs and expectations, we will fix them onto the appliance and make any other changes as needed.