Dr. Christopher Layton and our team invite you to browse our online gallery and view the beautiful smiles that have benefitted from our family and cosmetic dentistry in Oceanside, California. We take great pride in our work, as well as our patient care, and we hope you will contact Calavera Hills Dental to arrange your visit with our dentist. We are eager to help you take care of your smile!

This patient suffered from broken, worn, yellow front teeth. Using veneers we were able to reverse years of wear and stain in two short visits. Now this patients look matches the successful professional he is.

This patient suffered from overlapped, broken, worn, yellow teeth. He was only concerned with the front four teeth. Using crowns we were able to give him straight, beautiful teeth in two weeks. We also re-contoured the gum line for better esthetics. Of course we could have made them more white, but we wanted the teeth to look natural and match the other teeth. Best of all, his grandchildren no longer ask him, “why do your teeth look funny?”

This patient was greatly affected by the appearance of her teeth. She wanted straight teeth. She also wanted all the old metal fillings out of her mouth. Using crowns, root canal therapy, and white fillings we were able improve her smile and change her life.

This patient went to Mexico to have all her teeth crowned. She saved some money, but was dissatisfied with the chalky opaque whiteness, bulky feel, and visible metal at the gum line. With porcelain crowns we were able to improve her smile on all counts.