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Patients have enjoyed visiting our dental practice since the 1940s and continue to receive compassionate, family care from Dr. Christopher Layton and our team. As you can see from our patient reviews, our patients have greatly benefitted from our high-quality dental care in Carlsbad, California. We invite you to call Calavera Hills Dental today to leave a review or schedule an appointment with our friendly dentist. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

“Dr. Layton, in my experience, is a world class dentist. He is meticulous in his work as well as gentle. I know when I am sitting in his chair I am in good hands. He truly cares about his patients. Thank you Dr. Layton for giving me beautiful teeth!”
– Pam P.

“Just a wonderful, Kind, Gentle, non-judgemental understanding dentist. He removed 2 of my teeth today. It needed to be done (BADLY) I was in a lot of pain and now I am a little swollen (expected) but I do feel so much better. He and his staff are just wonderful people . Thank you so, so much.”
– Samantha T.

“I have had may dentists over my lifetime, and Dr. Layton is the best. He is very thorough and seems to love what he does. I had a cavity filled by Dr. Layton today, and it was a bearable experience considering I dread having my teeth worked on. Having a cavity filled is a skill and an art form, and I can tell that he takes pride in his work. Excellent bedside manor! ALSO, I HAD THE BEST TEETH CLEANING OF MY LIFE by Naska… and I have had a lot of teeth cleanings. She really took her time, and I could tell that, she too, takes pride in her work. I have my wife to thank for showing me this place . If you’re looking for a new Dentist, honestly, look no further. Take it from someone who has had many dentists over his lifetime – Dr. Layton is your guy.”
– Ryan R.

“I called Dr. Layton’s office as a new patient. I was nervous and anxious as I’ve had bad dentist office experiences. I thought i was going in for a cleaning. Turns out I had an abscessed tooth and yet I didn’t have pain. Immediately I knew I picked the right place when I met Amber, Dr. Layton and Maddie. Amber gently informed me of my options. Maddie is possibly the best dental hygenist who’s ever cleaned my teeth. Dr. Layton educated me on what needs to happen. The whole staff and vibe there is a reflection of how great Dr. Layton is. I RECOMMEND Dr. Layton and his staff. They are all gentle, patient, and wonderful!”
– Jean L.

“I called Dr. Layton’s Office as a new patient for a dental emergency (broken tooth sustained today at lunch) and I was pleasantly surprised that I was worked in immediately. From the initial phone call to make the appointment ,everyone was very kind, professional and understanding, as I was a bit nervous and upset. I was seen in a most timely manner and given a reasonable treatment plan with treatment scheduled as soon as possible. I believe that this has been the best dental experience I can remember ever having given my circumstances.”
– Herlinda A.

“I hadn’t seen a Dentist in over 7 years, possibly 8 because of my huge fear of Dentist’s offices. My experience from the moment I walked in the door, to the chair, durning my exam and even the root canal was such a pleasant experience I was almost shocked. Dr. Layton is amazingly gentle and soft spoken, he works at your speed, not his. He is the most selfless Dentist I’ve ever met. He truly cares about you and your comfort. There is absolutely no judgment, no lecture about how your teeth have been taken care of, just understanding and kindness. And to top it all off his staff is outstanding! All of them are sweet, warm and welcoming. I’m looking forward to finally having my teeth taken care of. THANK YOU DR. LAYTON & STAFF”
– Dee Dee F.

“Now I’m like most in that I don’t care for the dentist all that much. But all my worries are throw out the door when it comes to Dr. Layton and his staff. Aimee is amazing, never skips a beat. And Maddy is the most wonderful and gentle hygienist I’ve ever met! Hands down the best dentist I’ve ever been to.”
– Rebekah S.

“My experience with Dr. Layton was the most professional, painless, and efficient dentist experience I’ve ever had. Dr. Layton and his staff are extremely kind and helpful. Everyone made me feel safe and comfortable. I went to Dr. Layton for a teeth cleaning and cavity fill. There was not one moment I felt discomfort or pain. I highly recommend using Dr. Layton for all your dentistry needs!”
– Katy O.

“Christopher Layton has relocated his office and updated all of his equipment. Although he is now even further from me, I will continue to make the drive to see him. Unfortunately for me I have seen dozens of different Dentists, I can still say with absolute confidence Christopher Layton is the best.”
– Kim O.

“Dr. Layton is a great dentist, I actually travel from Imperial Beach for my checkups! (That’s how great he is!)

First and absolutely foremost he is ethical and trustworthy. That is very difficult to find. I know that if I need work to get done, it is because it is a necessity and not because he wants to run my bill up. Awesome, right?!

Secondly he and his staff are absolutely the best. Smiling, happy, they all love their work, dig their job and really do care about their patients. Awesome people!!!

Third?! He does great, awesome work. I have never had a problem with any work he has done and really do appreciate that he takes his craft very very seriously. 😀

I recommend him to my friends, family and now I recommend YOU go to him. You won’t be sorry! :D”
– Kate U.

“I cannot say enough positive comments about Dr. Layton and his staff. They were referred to me by a business associate who is also very satisfied with Dr. Layton’s work. Dr. Layton and his staff are friendly, kind, helpful and professional. We have been going to Dr. Layton for four years now and couldn’t be happier. We have always received outstanding dental care from him at a fair and reasonable cost. For one procedure I actually did some price checking and Dr. Layton’s prices were lower than my prior dentist. We are thankful that we have found such a professional and trustworthy dentist.”
– Theresa V.

“Since I was a young girl, I always loved going to the dentist. I’ve had some terrible experiences recently with other dentists, one of which should have his license revoked. HOWEVER, last week my 3.5 year old son and I walked through the doors to Dr. Layton’s office and the first thing I noticed was how clean and how fancy the leather couch was! My son immediately jumped on it, and Amy at the front desk welcomed us practically with open arms. I immediately knew that this was going to be a fantastic place.

My son was going in for his first ever cleaning. He had had some major dental work done just 8 months prior after he cracked his front tooth at a neighbor’s house, so he wasn’t super stoked about going. I can say though that the staff, especially Dr. Layton, made him feel like he was at home. They turned on Nick Jr on the t.v. which totally made him feel at ease. He even gave the doctor a fist bump….so I knew all would be okay. The dental hygienist must have been a toddler whisperer because she was somehow able to clean each and every tooth like it was nothing. Meanwhile, they took me into another room and started working on me. Not once did my son cry out for me. Not. One. Time. And we were there for almost two hours.

I have to say, Dr. Layton was awesome. He was thorough and kind and took very good care of both my son and I. His staff was warm and professional, and just fabulous! He definitely MUST add child dentistry to specialties. They were absolutely fantastic! Thank you for such a wonderful experience. Clearly, you’re doing something right because your staff is wonderful and you were a joy to sit for. I would highly, HIGHLY recommend this doctor for your cleaning needs. xx”
– Vanessa G.

“I can not say enough how much I love Dr. Layton and his staff.

You can tell from the minute your enter their office you are home. The receptionist Aimee has a warm smile and is so helpful. Maddie the hygienist really takes the time to do an amazing job and to educate on proper oral hygiene. Dr. Chris and Kimberly are caring and compassionate, always catering to their patients needs no matter the age.

My family and I have been patients with Dr. Layton for a several years and would recommend his office to everyone. If you are searching for a new dentist your search is over. Dr. Layton and his staff will have you feeling like family from the minute you walk in the door.”
– Samantha N.

“I came for dental work and the doctor did a very good job. He was very gentle. He also talked me through every procedure. I’m very happy with the work he performed on my teeth. I highly recommend Dr. Layton to anyone seeking a professional and caring dental experience.”
– Ralph M.

“This is an absolutely great dental team. They are always on time and have recently upgraded all of their equipment. Had me in and out for a filling in 30 minutes.”
– Paul S.

“Who wants to go to the dentist right!? My daughters first dentist visit was so easy and I didn’t have to be in the room(I peaked around the corner the whole time) dr Layton was gentle and easy with her and showed her proper hygiene. She keeps asking to go back.

As for me I hadn’t been to the dentist in over 12 years. Yeah I know…… Horrible experiences make you stay away. First visit was scary for me. Dr Layton and his assistant made me feel comfortable. He told me he’s glad I came in and with a plan he’ll get me back on track. Never once did he criticize me for the state of my teeth. I had to get a root canal and crown. Scary for someone who yes never goes to the dentist. Dr Layton was very positive and took his time explaining what I would need and how it works. He went above and beyond to save my tooth that was causing discomfort. It’s been about a week since my temp crown and root canal and I’m in no pain anymore and everything he told me to expect happened. He’s super gentle and I will def be visiting his office again and referring my loved ones.

Plus side my entire visit his assistant was very helpful and actually paying attention wanting to learn. Most assistants watch tv or text.”
– Melissa L.

“He is absolutely the best Dentist I have ever had. He figured out the issues I had with pain management that had affected me since childhood. Which was the main reason I had such fear of dental procedures. I did not go to the dentist when I should have because of the pain involved. He also saved a tooth that my previous dentist tried to convince me for years to have pulled. He is all about the comfort and care of his patients above all else. I have and will refer all my family and friends to him.”
– Michele E.

“Laid back and friendly. Willing to work on the patients schedules and needs. Worth a visit”
– Josh B.

“Finally found a dentist that cares more about the patient than anything else. Definitely recommend him for those that have anxiety over trips to the dentist. Dr. Layton and his staff are setting the bar very high!”
– James Z.

“Dr. Layton is really nice guy! He is friendly, professional, and gentle. He always makes sure you are comfortable during any procedure. The new location is great, staff are super friendly, and everything in the office is new and top of the line. I highly recommend Dr. Layton and Calavera Hills Dental to those in search of a good dentist.”
– S M.

“I used to see Dr. Chris Laytons father. He comes from a tradition of excellence. My wife and I drive all the way from Julian now and have always had a great experience. I would highly recommend his work!”
– Jack C.

“I woke up very early one morning with a severe toothache and swelling on the side of my face.The last dentist I went to was a terrible experience.I remember a friend told me he had a great experience with Dr. Layton.I called his office at 8 am sharp the receptionist was very nice and understanding of my condition and made me an appointment for 8:30.when I showed up they took me immediately,After the exam they informed me I had an abscessed tooth.I was in so much pain I was ready for him to pull it,but Dr. Layton took the time to discuss the options and that he could easily fix my tooth and in the long run would be so much better for me.The procedure was timely pain free and the end result is fantastic.Dr. Layton`s Dental Practice is very Professional and I would recommend him to every one.”
– Bruce K.